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Setting The Standard

At Spanish Sol Tanning & Spa we are proud to offer our clients a wide range of options for indoor tanning and skin body care. As the largest studio in Central Vancouver Island, with 12 beds available, we ensure minimal wait times. Clients choose between our regular, super and ultra tanning beds; lay down beds, our high power stand-up beds or the true high pressure Saturn stand up.

Our entire staff is Smart Tan Canada trained and certified to ensure optimal and healthy indoor tanning.

All machines are maintained on a regular basis and bulbs are replaced before recommended guidelines to maintain consistent strength. We only use the longest lasting, highest output lamps on the market. We clean our tanning beds after every session, at the end of the day and then again on at the end of the week. We are proud to maintain the highest standards.

Relaxation and Skin Rejuvenation: we are happy to offer spa services that are beyond tanning. Ask for your FREE introductory session in your Infrared Sauna and the new Beauty Angel Red Light Collagen Therapy, the latest technology in reducing Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Scars and Cellulite.

Tanning Accelerators and Skin Care Check Out Our Products

At Spanish Sol Tanning & Spa we are pleased to offer a variety of skin care products for before, during and after tanning, keeping your skin looking and feeling great. Read more about the importance of Tanning Accelerators and see all the brands we carry on our Tanning Accelerators and Beauty Skincare Products page.


Accessories Check Out Our Accessories

To make your tanning and spa experience complete, Spanish Sol offers lots of great tanning and spa accessories as well as boutiques and jewelries. See them All on our Accessories page.